Forge ahead, pioneer and innovate——FWS Medical grandly participates in the 2019 Shanghai COA (g

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From November 14 to 17, 2019, the "21st Orthopaedic Surgery Conference of the Chinese Medical Association and the 14th COA International Academic Conference" hosted by the Chinese Medical Association and the Orthopaedic Branch of the Chinese Medical Association was grandly held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center Held.

The 16 majors of the Chinese Medical Association's Orthopedics Branch set up a total of 40 branch venues at the conference, with 3,391 speakers, including 683 invited speakers, 84 case discussions, 53 face-to-face interviews, and 1,047 chaired discussions. 632 person-times. There were 320 companies participating in the conference, and the booth area was 47,000 square meters.
November 14-17, trauma, spine, joints, bone tumors, arthroscopy and sports medicine, minimally invasive surgery, osteoporosis, foot and ankle surgery, basics, micro-repair, nursing, pediatric trauma orthopedics, integrated traditional Chinese and western medicine , Orthopaedic rehabilitation, external fixation and limb reconstruction, innovation and transfer chemistry group of 16 professional sub-disciplines, with a variety of communication forms such as conference speeches, seminars, case discussions, surgical demonstrations and poster presentations, etc. The latest technology and research progress.

In the morning of November 17th, 28 top experts in the fields of joints, spine, trauma, bone tumors, minimally invasive and image navigation technology at home and abroad attended the master forums at each venue. They stood at the international forefront and reviewed the related fields. The development process, research progress, and cutting-edge theories, innovative thinking to solve clinically difficult problems, and guided the direction of scientific research and clinical development for orthopedic colleagues. The wonderful reports of experts attracted applause from the participants.

"It is the purpose of this conference to show innovation results, stimulate enthusiasm for innovation, and create an innovative future. Since its establishment, FWS Medical has always focused on the research and development and production of orthopedic consumables; it has cultivated a group of highly professional orthopedic practitioners ; Always maintain the spirit of innovation, continuously improve the ability to innovate, overcome key core technologies, and strive to develop into a pioneer in the orthopedics industry. The corporate philosophy of "professionalism, focus, innovation, and transcendence" coincides with the purpose of this conference.

The Shanghai COA FWS Medical took part in the grand exhibition with its multiple product lines. The negative pressure enricher for bone growth independently developed and produced by Fuworth can significantly increase the biological activity of traditional bone graft materials, which can be used for bone infections and bone defects. The provision of new clinical solutions has attracted widespread attention and recognition from experts. The combined adjustable cranial pelvic ring can be applied to severe scoliosis and has a significant effect. Lateral bone removal external fixation brace can effectively treat lower limb ischemic diseases such as diabetic foot and vasculitis. The external fixation bracket made of PEEK material and carbon fiber has the characteristics of light weight and full X-ray transmission, which alleviates pain for clinical patients. The disposable aseptic packaging outer stent is unpacked and ready for use, which is more suitable for emergency cases. The arthroscopic planer is smooth and attractive. The disposable negative pressure drainage dressing is easy to operate and can meet the needs of different types of patients. The disposable pulse irrigation gun is convenient and has good clinical use results, and has been widely recognized by clinicians.

     Forge ahead, pioneering and innovative! In the inheritance and innovation of generations of orthopaedic predecessors, the Chinese orthopedic team has grown stronger, and the annual COA conference has become a grand academic exchange event for orthopaedic colleagues at home and abroad. As a new and innovative enterprise in domestic orthopedic consumables, FWS Medical will adhere to the corporate philosophy of “professional, dedicated, innovative and surpassing”, take “innovative product design concepts and improve the quality of human life” as its quality policy, and use its largest Power to promote the development of Chinese orthopedics.