FWS was invited to participate in the 15th Orthopaedic Conference of Chongqing

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      In order to promote the prosperity and development of Chongqing's orthopedic disciplines, promote the advancement and innovation of orthopedic medicine, and improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of volunteer orthopedic workers. The 15th Annual Orthopaedic Surgery Conference, hosted by the Chongqing Medical Association Orthopaedics Professional Committee, was held on January 6-7, 2017 at the Radisson Blu Hotel in Chongqing. 

        This annual meeting invited Zhang Yingze, Wang Yan, Wang Kunzheng and other well-known experts and professors in the domestic orthopedics field and well-known experts and professors in the city to conduct master forums, conference exchanges and case discussions.

     FWS Medical was invited to participate in the Chongqing Orthopaedic Symposium and made high-profile appearances with its 4 product lines: Bone Marrow Concentrator, Orthopedic External Fixation , Disposable Negative Pressure Drainage Wound Care Materials and  pulse lavage system. As a local excellent orthopedic consumables supplier in Chongqing, Worworth's products and services have been highly evaluated by many colleagues at the conference.